Many of you already do this! Spring is a great time, for many reasons, to let go of the things you no longer need. Luckily, there are a ton of places to help you in the process. 

Looking to donate or just get rid of stuff? Check out the list below. Many neighborhoods are still feeling a greater need after this last summer. There are tons of organizations who will accept anything from food, clothing, household items including building supplies, to even your old vehicles, real estate, and other assets. Even small items that might seem insignificant such as grocery bags, unused greeting cards, or that bottle of shampoo you bought but didn’t like can be donated. Bonus - depending on what (or how much) you donate, you may be eligible for a tax deduction. And if you don’t have anything to physically give but still want to help, donate your time, or if you can, your money. The list below is a SHORT one compared to all that is out there, but plenty more options are just a quick google-search away.

Are you wanting to sell (or buy)? Facebook marketplace and Craigslist are still around and local, but try out the NextDoor App! Not only is it a great way to stay in tune with what’s happening in your neighborhood, but you can find lots of things for sale or free within walking distance. 

Arc Value Village – clothing, household goods, furniture, appliances, vehicles

Catholic Charities –real estate and other assets

Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota – clothing and household goods (*will pick up if you can’t drop off!)

Goodwill - clothing, household goods, furniture, appliances, real estate and other assets

Habitat for Humanity - furniture, appliances, housewares, building materials, vehicles, real estate and other assets 

Hunger Solutions – food

Salvation Army – clothing, household goods, furniture, appliances, vehicles

Sharing & Caring Hands – food, clothing, household goods, electronics, personal hygiene products, vehicles

Here are two places that do the work for you! From pick-ups to the actual removal. From old tires, yard or construction debris, mattresses, to pulling up carpet or removing appliances. If it can be donated, they will, or they will dispose of it the best way possible. 


College Hunks Hauling Junk

Junk Masters


Hazardous Waste – If you have hazardous waste materials you are looking to get rid of (paint, propane, chemicals) the best bet would be to check out your cities website to find out where they can be dropped off.

Hennepin County 

Ramsey County