Cliff's Notes

Clifford dog

Now that the snow has mostly melted, those of you with dogs and yards might be gazing out upon the lovely little gifts your four-legged-friend left for you throughout the winter. If you, like most, leave the poop pick-up for spring time, there might be a lot of maintenance to get your yard free from all the turd landmines. (If you are a diligent poop picker-upper, or have no yard, here is where you can smirk at the people dealing with this stinky situation.) 

For the rest of you, here is a short list of some great services who can help you out, or some tools that can help you get the job done yourself. 


Services: (A quick post on the NextDoor App could also find you a neighborhood kid or friend who could use an extra buck!)

Turd Nerds

Scoopy Poo

Poo Force

Tools: (We recommend finding a local pet store near you, but here are a few to start!)

Four Paws Wire Rake Scooper from Urban Tails - $10.99

Allen’s Spring Action Scooper from Chuck and Dons - $18.99 

Play On Waste Rake & Pan Set (Large) from Pet Supplies Plus - $34.98